Dear Visitor:

I’d like you to know that I am campaigning for the chance to represent the 99,000 people in Connecticut’s 26th State Senate District, comprising the 7-towns of Bethel, New Canaan, Redding, Ridgefield, Weston, Westport, and Wilton.

I would like this blog to extend my own personal 7-town outreach to you,  by adding insight to our conversations when we meet personally or when we talk on the phone.

My hope is that I present a sufficiently different choice of representation for you, from the way the 26th District is currently represented in the State Senate in Hartford.

26th State Senate DistrictMy candidacy gives you a chance to hear more than just one side of any important issue, and it is a given that it is the viewpoint of the District that the elected state senator should advance as priority, not their own viewpoint.

I am determined to do the work that will let you see me as the candidate you want to vote for.


I hope also that by Election Day (November 6, 2012), that you will have built up a trust in the ability of my knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver a greater impact for the people of the 26th in securing needed State funding or resources.

My intent as your state senator, is to introduce a far more amicable and persuasive voice in the work of serving as state senator on behalf of the 26th District.

My intent is to build  strong working relationships in Hartford for the benefit of the 26th District.


To accomplish any of this, my first challenge is to qualify for public campaign financing.

Public campaign financing is meant to equalize the playing field and let  candidates like myself, who would have, previous to this program, rarely had the chance to become an endorsed party candidate for the state senate.  We are all too aware of the amounts of money now required.

All 36 state senate seats are eligible for public financing.  Since public financing was first used in 2008, there isn’t a long history to know whether it can sustain itself and there is no clear pattern yet of the candidate profile that  emerges from public financing.  But I can tell you that I am deeply aware of the chance that public financing gives me.

A condition to qualify for public financing calls for raising $15,000 (fifteen thousand dollars) in campaign contributions from individuals. The contribution allowed, is in a limited range of $5.oo to $100.00.  Less than $5.00 doesn’t qualify and more than $100.00 has to be returned.

That strikes me as an amazingly fair range.  I know I could not even begin to think of asking for the amounts I’ve seen previous candidates chase in order to finance their campaign.  I personally have worked with different kinds of candidates when it comes to raising campaign funds: some who chew through every call with almost robotic persistence and those who froze up at the very thought of a call for campaign money.

And of utmost importance;  public financing frees up the candidate from the hold of special interest money, which tends to limit and control the information necessary for equitable decision-making and which limits the independent thinking that should be processing solid, unlimited information.

Public financing frees me and every other candidate of these suffocating burdens.

I will continue to post about our progress, I hope to hear from you.  I want to work with a team of volunteers who see the positive effects for the 26th that the Curry for State Senate campaign can generate.

But know this, I consider myself having been given an enormous and timely gift.  The gift of circumstances resulting in the nomination and endorsement by the Democratic Party Leadership of the 7-town 26th State Senate District for my candidacy for the  26th State Senate District seat.

Just consider this…


By the end of this campaign we will have had a chance to talk about the many issues we have in common. Issues we can truly face together and we can determine solutions together that make sense for the 26th District.

The formal nomination to become the official candidate (I am unofficial until then) comes on Monday, May 21, Westport Town Hall at 7:30.

Can you come and enjoy the event with me.

I would be remiss if I didn’t ask if any visitors to the blog who may already know me, would they be willing to make a campaign contribution?

That’s it for this first post.

I’ll be back shortly.

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